Registration is always open!  

Fall session begins

Birthdays are the best!  We sparkle like crazy.  Check out our Party packages.

Your first class is always free.  Feel free to call us 205-913-3556

We saw a need to teach dance in a positive and fun way.  We recognize that kids only get to be little once.  Sparkle, fun and dance are some of the best ways we can think of to help enhance this! 

Our story

We have an awesome selection of offered classes.  Starting with Mini-Bubblegum ballet and Jazz moving to Tap and Clogging.  There's even a little Hip Hop thrown in too. 

That's the Pointe Dance

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Summer session begins and lasts six weeks

There is a yearly registration of $45.  Classes start at $45 a month and move up to $185 for unlimited classes

Every person has sparkle inside them that wants to get out and glisten!
Through dance, we teach our children and teens to release all the glitz and glimmer within and shine out what they feel inside.
Keep calm and sparkle on!


Registration for fall classes begins

Chelsea, Alabama